March 2018
The test as announced back in the late summer 2017 is in realization phase. We are equipping the vehicles and are in March 2018 again on site with our technicians. We appreciate the trust and hopefully we will be able to meet all individual requirements of the Airport. Thank you to the management and the staff for their cooperation.

Rzeszow International Airport
In November/December 2017 period, we were glad to host another Polish Airport here in Prague. The delegation was able to see the operation performance of our product TE-VOGS at the Prague Airport, experienced it while driving on the Airport side surface.

Ask our Business Development contact for more information if you would like to become none weather reliable visibility on your ground vehicle movement with real time tracking. LVP was yesterday, today we TE-VOGS 24/7.

August 2017

We are proud to announce, that the International Airport WRO, Poland signed and agreed on a test trial period via Letter of Intent. In order to even increase safety and surveillance level they will have in 2017 our product TE-VOGS in use.

July 2017
„LiTE version“ is testing in Prague Airport:

  • Three cars with Mobile Client
  • Four Dispatcher Unit
  • Track from one common day, just one car
October 2016
Main Features:
  • „LiTE“ version
  • Connection among the client and server thorough existing network
  • No additional costs for radio network
  • Suitable for services where ATC certification is not required

dsc05537 dsc05514

dsc05606 dsc05543

June 2015

TEVOGS new release 1.0 is getting ready!

Main Features:

  • The incorporation of knowledge from testing version 0.5
  • AeroMACS standard for wireless network
  • SW modular system – for better customizing
  • Open system for interfaces (IPTV, wi-fi)
  • New Graphical User Interface
  • Supporting of other GNSS system (GPS, Galileo, Glonass)
  • Increasing of internal security, fault indication
  • Ready for ATC certification