We are able to announce, despite heavy covid-19 impacts worldwide, that we have agreed with Krakow Airport about a TEVOGS test phase.

In July, 2020 we have held a summit with a total of 12 airport managers, representing all the different entities at Krakow Airport.

In times of budget cuts, high sensibility of on ground traffic, the implementation of TEVOGS is a logical, well balanced decision to increase safety, especially during lower traffic numbers but surely already considering, to have our solution in place, once traffic will start to increase again in 2021.

Thank you to the second Airport site in Poland despite Wroclaw, now Krakow, considering TEVOGS.

TEVOGS remains your Realtime Vehicle Tracking and Messaging Solution, compatible with all A-SMGCS, ADS-B, MLAT, WAM provider solutions out there.

We are interconnecting via server in real-time, across all potential user groups at your airport.