On behalf of our partner, Airport EPWR, we invited 11 civil Airports to attend our TE-VOGS presentation, training and demo days in Wroclaw, Poland.

Aero4TE was the proud sponsor of the Industrial Day 2020 at the International Airport in Wroclaw, where all interested Airport Managers, Airport Operations Managers from Poland, could attend and experience in theory and via live demonstration, how TE VOGS does work reliably at EPWR.

Currently we are entering PHASE 3 with EPWR, were  total of 50 cars will be equipped with TE VOGS, as well as some extra units might be planned in, for entering construction and or other vehicles for the AIR SIDED concourses.

During the Industrial Day, we have had been able to clearly point out, that no matter if you have MLAT, WAM, ADSB, A-SMGCS, Radars, Sensor coverage generally speaking, you for sure would like to plan, guide, control and communicate in real time with your cars, individually and or in defined groups. In order to gain full control of usage and of course have all of activates recorded and history data available the implementation of TE VOGS is not just for safety reasons, a big plus. The Airports attended in this meeting, were glad to experience such a solution. Recognizing the features and benefits in the runway incursion marking, individual marking of POI within the map, task acknowledgements, positioning data, coordination options within the message handling between cars and the dispatching manager, that can be reached all without radio human factors risk, with time stamped action layers.

Thanks to Bartosz Świerzewski, bswierzewski@aero4te.com, our exclusive sales partner, having organized such a real user based event. Special thanks are going out to our Partnering Airport, EPWR. Without their hospitality we couldn’t realize such an event. We appreciate the interest of each representative attending the Industrial Day 2020.

We hope to see you all in Madrid, https://www.worldatmcongress.org/about, booth 303, (10-12.3.2020), you can visit our booth, were we are displaying TE VOGS.