Nov 2022, is the month, where we are finishing our TE-VOGS installation. End of Nov 2022, KRK would have all LVP relevant vehicles, before the winter time, with TE-VOGS equipped. Part of the final stage installation will be also a refresh training for all common users. We will conduct the Training in local language, based upon polish user manual, how to most efficiently operate the TE-VOGS features. We believe, that the 2nd Airport coverage after WRO, In Poland, proves that our SW and HW meets all the standards and features needed.

….”Up to low visibility times”- TE-VOGS, for your airside cars is your gatekeeper to communicate, message in real-time and coordinate with all entities such as ARFF, SAR, Birdwatch, Border Patrol, Police, Follow Me’s etc. that are driving at your surface.