May 2023

Performed HealthCheck at WRO Airport

In order to optimize our installations, be active in the aftermarket to our customers, we have preformed in May 2023 what we call health-check.

It is under the maintenance contract an option for all our customers, to have our service team coming in, checking status on holders, tablets, roof units, to secure a continues process of operation. Especially, before an expected buys vacation period, we managed to check all cars and spares for form/fit/function.

Thank you WRO Team for the cooperation during the check. Appreciate your time and joint effort.


April 2023


Olsztyn Mazury Airport, 3rd civil Airport in Poland, to conduct testing of TE-VOGS solution.

We are please to announce, that EPSY currently investing thoughts into Vehicle Coordination and Tracking, at their Airside.

We have started discussions, to test 5 vehicles from different units, to make sure, to have several groups involved in text, coordination, share of real time information between Airport Operations, Drivers, Units and wise versa.

We would like to thank EPSY, for considering us.


November 2022

KRK Update      

Nov 2022, is the month, where we are finishing our TE-VOGS installation. End of Nov 2022, KRK would have all LVP relevant vehicles, before the winter time, with TE-VOGS equipped. Part of the final stage installation will be also a refresh training for all common users. We will conduct the Training in local language, based upon polish user manual, how to most efficiently operate the TE-VOGS features. We believe, that the 2nd Airport coverage after WRO, In Poland, proves that our SW and HW meets all the standards and features needed.

….”Up to low visibility times”- TE-VOGS, for your airside cars is your gatekeeper to communicate, message in real-time and coordinate with all entities such as ARFF, SAR, Birdwatch, Border Patrol, Police, Follow Me’s etc. that are driving at your surface.


May 2022

KRK Contract signed

Krakow Airport, after an extended period of testing TEVOGS, decided to equip all relevant LVP vehicles at their Airport with our solution.

The purchasing contract was signed in May 2022 and will, so far cover 30 vehicles, plus 3 supervision CWPs. Accompanied by training and maintenance in local language through our local partner, we will maintain this 2nd Airport reference (next to WRO) in Poland properly.

Thank you to the Airport Mangement, the Airport Operations Management in Krakow, its our pleasure working for you.


April 2021

Updated TE-VOGS demo video


September 2020

We are able to announce, despite heavy covid-19 impacts worldwide, that we have agreed with Krakow Airport about a TEVOGS test phase.

In July, 2020 we have held a summit with a total of 12 airport managers, representing all the different entities at Krakow Airport.

In times of budget cuts, high sensibility of on ground traffic, the implementation of TEVOGS is a logical, well balanced decision to increase safety, especially during lower traffic numbers but surely already considering, to have our solution in place, once traffic will start to increase again in 2021.

Thank you to the second Airport site in Poland despite Wroclaw, now Krakow, considering TEVOGS.

TEVOGS remains your Realtime Vehicle Tracking and Messaging Solution, compatible with all A-SMGCS, ADS-B, MLAT, WAM provider solutions out there.

We are interconnecting via server in real-time, across all potential user groups at your airport.

March 2020

Vehicle Tracking History Replay

A new Product Video available, please check out the Download section, within the presentational materials, you will experience our newest Vehicle Tracking History Replay. Find on youtube additional videos, for example User Instructional video feed, that we were not able to display due to cancelled WATM 2020


January 2020

Poland, Industrial Day 2020

On behalf of our partner, Airport EPWR, we invited 11 civil Airports to attend our TE-VOGS presentation, training and demo days in Wroclaw, Poland.

Aero4TE was the proud sponsor of the Industrial Day 2020 at the International Airport in Wroclaw, where all interested Airport Managers, Airport Operations Managers from Poland, could attend and experience in theory and via live demonstration, how TE VOGS does work reliably at EPWR.

Currently we are entering PHASE 3 with EPWR, were  total of 50 cars will be equipped with TE VOGS, as well as some extra units might be planned in, for entering construction and or other vehicles for the AIR SIDED concourses.

During the Industrial Day, we have had been able to clearly point out, that no matter if you have MLAT, WAM, ADSB, A-SMGCS, Radars, Sensor coverage generally speaking, you for sure would like to plan, guide, control and communicate in real time with your cars, individually and or in defined groups. In order to gain full control of usage and of course have all of activates recorded and history data available the implementation of TE VOGS is not just for safety reasons, a big plus. The Airports attended in this meeting, were glad to experience such a solution. Recognizing the features and benefits in the runway incursion marking, individual marking of POI within the map, task acknowledgements, positioning data, coordination options within the message handling between cars and the dispatching manager, that can be reached all without radio human factors risk, with time stamped action layers.

Thanks to Bartosz Świerzewski,, our exclusive sales partner, having organized such a real user based event. Special thanks are going out to our Partnering Airport, EPWR. Without their hospitality we couldn’t realize such an event. We appreciate the interest of each representative attending the Industrial Day 2020.

We hope to see you all in Madrid,, booth 303, (10-12.3.2020), you can visit our booth, were we are displaying TE VOGS.


June 2019

WRO Football Championship Sponsoring

Based upon our market entry strategy in Poland, we decided to support the nationwide Airport Football Tournament, organized by our partner Airport Wroclaw.

The WRO organization committee did a great job. Ewelyna Wrona in the Head of such committee made all details click into each other and the Tournament of total 13 participating Airport Teams, one from PANSA were satisfied as we were.

We believe that Aero4TE used the chance well, being present by Sales Director and Co-Owner David Vertat. We overhanded a total of 15 goodie bags to the BEST TEAM. We are looking forward to build upon such great networking event.

 Football 3

        Football 2

Football 4

Football 1 









May 2019

CIPA a successfully solved cooperation program, between Czech Republic and the state of Israel

Aero4TE entered into partnership with two outstanding technical universities – Czech Technical University in Prague and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology via the Czech-Israel Partnership Accelerator program ( The program was started in March 2019 under the patronage of His Excellency Daniel Meron from the Embassy of the State of Israel and His Excellency Martin Stropnický from the Embassy of the Czech Republic. The team of four students from these universities analyzed the possibilities of application of TE-VOGS in Israel for eight weeks. The whole program was concluded with the final presentation of analysis results at Technion on 29th of April showing us the business opportunities for the market in Israel. We would like to gratefully thank to universities, students and embassies for the opportunity of participating in this program and we promise to make our best effort to improve and develop this cooperation in the future as well.



April 2019



March 2019

WATM 2019 in Madrid

Dear WATM 2019 Madridvalued visitors,

our first year, at the biggest Air Traffic Management venue, WATM 2019 in Madrid, met our expectations. We hope yours as well. Our two experts, Mr. Ondrej Fibich, Head of TEVOGS Software Development, on the left as well as Mr. Zbysek Koubsky, Senior Engineering represented gratefully our company Aero4TE at this years summit. We´ve had plenty of interested industrial companies, ANSPs as well as Airports were stopping by, to experience our Car Guidance LTE and Aeromacs based product. We will follow up your inquiries and feel free to notify us as well.

Thank you for your interest.

For Aero4TE

David Vertat-Barak


January 2019

TE-VOGS Dead Reckoning Test 2019 Passed

Our product TE VOGS passed Factory Acceptance Test Trial 2019, where we tested short, mid and long-term dead reckoning feature/intervals. (Please see pictures below).

Instead of testing our capability in a well-known territory of our end users, classically on Airport Surface, we tested our product, TE-VOGS, its SW component (CHIP) on his performance in the urban area of downtown Prague, Czech Republic.

After passing all trial route defined underground tunnels, under crossings, pedestrian passes we re able to state, TEST PASSED, capability Dead Reckoning within TE VOGS is a given fact.

Feel free to contact us for more questions towards the testing results nor the product.

July 2018

Wroclaw International Airport

After we informed you in March 2018, we have concluded our installation and trial period on a total of six cars. On Airport Operation vehicles, as well as on ARFF trucks. Please find enclosed some ilustration material to underline our capability and the operational readiness of the system at our partner Airport in Wroclaw. We are open to define a trial period with you as well, in order to increase safety at your airport. Feel free to ask and contact us.

20180705_164634_resized 20180705_162812_resized 20180705_163950_resized

March 2018


The test as announced back in the late summer 2017 is in realization phase. We are equipping the vehicles and are in March 2018 again on site with our technicians. We appreciate the trust and hopefully we will be able to meet all individual requirements of the Airport. Thank you to the management and the staff for their cooperation.

Rzeszow International Airport
In November/December 2017 period, we were glad to host another Polish Airport here in Prague. The delegation was able to see the operation performance of our product TE-VOGS at the Prague Airport, experienced it while driving on the Airport side surface.

Ask our Business Development contact for more information if you would like to become none weather reliable visibility on your ground vehicle movement with real time tracking. LVP was yesterday, today we TE-VOGS 24/7.

August 2017
We are proud to announce, that the International Airport WRO, Poland signed and agreed on a test trial period via Letter of Intent. In order to even increase safety and surveillance level they will have in 2017 our product TE-VOGS in use.
July 2017
„LiTE version“ is testing in Prague Airport:
  • Three cars with Mobile Client
  • Four Dispatcher Unit
  • Track from one common day, just one car
October 2016
Main Features:
  • „LiTE“ version
  • Connection among the client and server thorough existing network
  • No additional costs for radio network
  • Suitable for services where ATC certification is not required

dsc05537 dsc05514

dsc05606 dsc05543

June 2015

TEVOGS new release 1.0 is getting ready!

Main Features:

  • The incorporation of knowledge from testing version 0.5
  • AeroMACS standard for wireless network
  • SW modular system – for better customizing
  • Open system for interfaces (IPTV, wi-fi)
  • New Graphical User Interface
  • Supporting of other GNSS system (GPS, Galileo, Glonass)
  • Increasing of internal security, fault indication
  • Ready for ATC certification