System TE-VOGS is a solution increasing the safety of ground traffic or movement operations in areas, such as airports by use of central processing of position informations and their transfer back. It offers a mobile unit driver an overview of not only his own movement, but also of the traffic in his surroundings.


Assistance in emergency situations. Support maintenance, safety and rescue processes.


Increased safety and efficiency of the mobile units operation in any weather conditions
including extremely poor visibility conditions such as snow, rain or fog.


It can help optimize the aircraft turnaround time, i.e. the time
between itslanding and the next take-off.

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What's new

Vehicle Tracking History Replay


A new Product Video available, please check out the Download section, within the presentational materials, you will experience our newest Vehicle Tracking History Replay. Find on youtube additional videos, for example User Instructional video feed, that we were not able to display due to cancelled WATM 2020.

Poland, Industrial Day 2020


On behalf of our partner, Airport EPWR, we invited 11 civil Airports to attend our TE-VOGS presentation, training and demo days in Wroclaw, Poland. Aero4TE was the proud sponsor of the Industrial Day 2020 at the International Airport in Wroclaw, where all interested Airport Managers, Airport Operations Managers from Poland, could attend and experience in … read more

CIPA a successfully solved cooperation program, between Czech Republic and the state of Israel


Aero4TE entered into partnership with two outstanding technical universities – Czech Technical University in Prague and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology via the Czech-Israel Partnership Accelerator program ( The program was started in March 2019 under the patronage of His Excellency Daniel Meron from the Embassy of the State of Israel and His Excellency … read more