System TE-VOGS is a solution increasing the safety of ground traffic or movement operations in areas, such as airports by use of central processing of position informations and their transfer back. It offers a mobile unit driver an overview of not only his own movement, but also of the traffic in his surroundings.


Assistance in emergency situations. Support maintenance, safety and rescue processes.


Increased safety and efficiency of the mobile units operation in any weather conditions
including extremely poor visibility conditions such as snow, rain or fog.


It can help optimize the aircraft turnaround time, i.e. the time
between itslanding and the next take-off.

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What's new

WATM 2019 in Madrid


Dear valued visitors, our first year, at the biggest Air Traffic Management venue, WATM 2019 in Madrid, met our expectations. We hope yours as well. Our two experts, Mr. Ondrej Fibich, Head of TEVOGS Software Development, on the left as well as Mr. Zbysek Koubsky, Senior Engineering represented gratefully our company Aero4TE at this years summit. … read more

TE-VOGS Dead Reckoning Test 2019 Passed


Our product TE VOGS passed Factory Acceptance Test Trial 2019, where we tested short, mid and long-term dead reckoning feature/intervals. (Please see pictures below). Instead of testing our capability in a well-known territory of our end users, classically on Airport Surface, we tested our product, TE-VOGS, its SW component (CHIP) on his performance in the … read more

Wroclaw International Airport


The test as announced back in the late summer 2017 is in realization phase. We are equipping the vehicles and are in March 2018 again on site with our technicians. We appreciate the trust and hopefully we will be able to meet all individual requirements of the Airport. Thank you to the management and the … read more